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Stories of Healing

“I now have a new freedom in my walk with the Lord, and feel that I have taken my faith to a new level. I feel equipped to take leadership roles in my church. Ministry of Reconciliation is such a great tool…it’s a teaching and equipping ministry. I now have these skills for life. This ministry was a wonderful eye-opening experience.” – C.

“My Lord has continued to reveal areas that were hidden to me and bring His healing, restoration, and victory to these areas. Ministry of Reconciliation has equipped me for every good work He lays before me. I now have a new freedom in my walk with Him. When you’re set free from strongholds you never recognized and truly begin walking with Jesus, it changes all your relationships. I feel able to listen and to lead those who desire to live in Him.” -L.

“My husband and I were both struggling and unhappy in our marriage. While I felt very loved by the three different counselors we saw together, I always wondered, “Is this the answer? Where do God and Jesus fit into all of this?” Ministry of Reconciliation (MOR) taught both of us biblical truths that we had never heard before. That is what we were seeking. I am still walking and still learning, but I am better equipped because of MOR. -T.

“A friend of mine introduced me to Ministry of Reconciliation (MOR) a few years ago. At the time, I was experiencing fear, disappointment and discouragement. During my sessions here, I realized that some of the beliefs driving my behaviors were not in alignment with Scripture. I also realized that the culture was impacting some parts of my life more than the Word of God. MOR equipped me with tools to help me recognize lies I was believing, and showed me how to replace them with God’s Truth. I am also learning to remove things from my life that do not benefit my pursuit of Him. God has brought me peace by continually teaching me to trust Him as the source and provider for all of my needs.” -M.

“This ministry brought teaching into my life that I needed in order to grow spiritually. This ministry has changed my life.” -A.

“My husband and I both started coming to Ministry of Reconciliation (MOR) after a big change with a job situation. We realized we needed someone to walk alongside us. Before MOR, I struggled with anxiety and overly-relied on people and steady, predictable schedules. At that time, life felt very shaky and uncertain.

From the beginning, it was clear that God matched me up with a perfect pair of Prayer Ministers for my personal faith walk. I felt comfortable and safe to be honest with them and I received God’s love. They gave me so much support when the world and my life felt shaken. Not only was I able to let go of things from my past, but I received tools to help me keep my eyes on Christ, put Him first, and have an expectant heart for how He would use this time for good.

When I catch myself rehashing things or situations in my mind, I can stop myself and turn it over to the Lord. I often get my MOR folder out and use the forgiveness sheet or acknowledge a stronghold I need to ask God to release me from. I feel more steady knowing who I am in Christ, and that I don’t need to depend upon worldly things or people. I pray scripture over my family, friends, and myself.” -E.

“The Ministry of Reconciliation changed my life with Jesus – He is in control, not me. My life has been turned around and I am no longer living in bondage. I now realize more fully who I am “In Christ” and finally I am prepared to win the victory for Christ! Amen.” -D.

“I learned to open up my heart to God’s plan for my life and I’m hungry for more and want to be involved in the Ministry of Reconciliation.” -R.