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"Teach me your way, O LORD, and I will walk in your truth; give me an undivided heart, that I may fear [revere] your name."
Psalm 86:11(NIV)


These testimonies are truly a Praise to God with Thanksgiving for what He has done in their lives.



"I now have a new freedom in my walk with the Lord, and feel that I have taken my faith to a new level. I feel equipped to take leadership roles in my church. MOR is such a great tool ... as you say, Marlis: it's a teaching and equipping ministry. I now have these skills for life. This ministry was a wonderful eye-opening experience." -CHERYL


"My Lord has continued to reveal areas that were hidden to me and to bring His healing, restoration, and victory in these areas; MOR equips me for every good work He lays before me. I now have a new freedom in my walk with the Lord. When you're set free from strongholds you never recognized, and truly begin walking in victory with Jesus, it changes all your relationships. I feel able to listen and to lead those who desire to live in Him." -LAURIE


"My husband and I were both struggling and unhappy in our marriage. While I felt very loved by the three different counselors we saw together, I always wondered, "Is this the answer? Where do God and Jesus fit into all of this?" MOR taught both of us biblical truths that we had never heard before. That is what we were seeking. "Give me some rock solid evidence," and MOR did that for us. I always went home studying to see that nothing was taken out of context to distort the meaning. This is what each of us is commissioned to do: add to our faith. I am still walking and still learning, but I am better equipped because of MOR. This ministry teaches what it means to be empowered by the Spirit. It takes the Sword of the Spirit, not against flesh and blood, but against any strongholds that keep us from being in perfect unity with God and one another." -TARA


"I have had a relationship with Jesus and been a Christian as long as I can remember. Before MOR, I thought I knew all I needed to know about God. But, what I was doing before MOR, was like straightening up the house before company comes. At MOR I learned that what I need to do is clean out the cobwebs in the corner and the crud under the couch cushions! After doing the "work" of MOR, I felt like a weight had been lifted. Amazingly, without giving it a thought or weighing myself or my food, excess pounds started to leave me. I went into 2009 less 45 excess pounds that I had carried for years. I thank the Lord for putting Ministry of Reconciliation in front of me. It truly has been a blessing in my life!" -CATHY


"This ministry brought teaching into my life that I needed to grow spiritually. This ministry has changed my life." -ALEX


"Ministry of Reconciliation changed my life with Jesus - He is in control, not me. My life has been turned around and I am no longer living in bondage. I now realize more fully who I am "in Christ" and finally I am prepared to win the victory for Christ! Amen." -DARREN


"This was a wonderful experience; it opened my eyes. I felt very safe with my group, and blessed by their testimonies - this class was helpful." -MELINDA


"The depth of discussion, the constant turning to scripture for answers, the openness of everyone, even Marlis, has taken me to a new level of faith I never dreamed existed. This has taught me to keep listening to God." -C.H.


"Through this training, I've learned to be humble and what it means to have a pure heart before God. This is my goal: to be free of hypocrisy, to be a person of integrity, to love others, no matter what." -JOAN


"I learned to open up my heart to His plan for my life and I'm hungry for more and want to be involved in Ministry of Reconciliation." -RANDALL


"The teachings were great and the support also. This class was so helpful to me, basically a social introvert. The relationships formed and the openness of the group blessed me so. Last ... Great truths I received gave me so much understanding." -DAVE